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Are you ready for a brighter future in California? Dr. Eric Tao is your candidate for the California State Senate, and he's committed to making it happen.


  • Traditional Family Values: I believe in preserving the core values that make families strong and communities thriving.

  • Protecting Parents' Rights: Your rights as parents are sacred. I will safeguard your freedom to make choices that matter to your family.

  • Private Property Rights: I will lead the effort to repeal prop 19 and defend your right to own and enjoy your property without unnecessary government interference.

  • Limiting Government Regulation and Stop Wasteful Spending:: It's time to cut the red tape and free up our businesses to grow and prosper. 

  • Winning Formula: As a university professor, and first-generation Asian-American, I can reach both Republican and independent voters and win the senate election.


California is at a pivotal moment, and it's time for a new direction. We face rampant crime, uncontrolled homelessness, and radical indoctrination in schools. The skyrocketing cost of living and taxes, coupled with one-party dominance in legislation and layers of burdensome regulations, leave our residents and businesses anxious about the future of our state and district. It's clear we need a new vision and a different approach to governance. We need A Brighter California.

I am excited to present myself as your candidate for the State Senate, dedicated to representing the diverse and dynamic communities of District 17. My background in innovation, economic development, management, and education uniquely positions me to address the pressing issues we face.

At California State University Monterey Bay, I served as a full professor and director of the School of Computing and Design, I've witnessed the transformative power of education and technology. My commitment to fostering growth and prosperity is further exemplified by my role in founding and directing the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development at CSUMB.

After completing my Ph.D. degree at the University of California, Irvine, I raised my family with two wonderful children, and build a successful career over the last 25 years at Central Coast. As a first-generation immigrant, California provided me with tremendous opportunities.  However, in recent year, I share your concerns about the state's direction. I believe in individual freedom and accountability, advocating for the protection of your rights as parents and property owners. I am committed to ensuring state resources are used wisely and efficiently, invested in the future of our children and community, not wasted on politically convenient programs.

As your State Senator, I will leverage my extensive experience in innovation, technology, and community development to create a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. I eagerly anticipate engaging in meaningful conversations with you, understanding your concerns, and working tirelessly to bring about positive change.

Together, let's build A Brighter California!

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Eric Tao, a refreshing Republican candidate that can win the California Senate Seat in District 17 and bring A Brighter California.

Eric is seeking to represent California Senate District 17, encompassing Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, and San Luis Obispo Counties. With a remarkable 25-year career at California State University Monterey Bay, Dr. Tao has proven himself as a dedicated professor and an unwavering advocate for his community. He holds the title of full professor of Computer Science, dating back to 1998, and has left an indelible mark on the institution through his visionary leadership.

A Community Leader

Dr. Tao's contributions extend beyond academia, as he has been at the forefront of community-building initiatives. He co-founded the Coalition for Asian Justice (CAJ) and the Monterey Bay Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MBCCC), underlining his deep commitment to the people of the Monterey Bay region. As the Executive Chairman of Silicon Valley Research Institute (, he provides invaluable startup consultation and executive development programs, nurturing the local economy. Furthermore, his role at the California Institute for Global Education ( fosters international cultural exchange programs, promoting global understanding.

A Distinguished Professor

In the realm of education and research, Dr. Tao has been a trailblazer, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, innovation, e-learning, and globalization. His expertise has made him a sought-after speaker at international conferences, where he actively engages in crucial dialogues on global technology, innovation, and education. His altruism shines through as he dedicates his time to judging numerous business plan competitions.

A Successful Executive

One of Dr. Tao's proudest achievements is the creation and direction of the BS Computer Science program at California State University, which has now earned the distinction of being the 5th best program in the USA. In recognition of his unwavering dedication, the university has established the "Dr. Tao's Innovation Award and Scholarship" to honor his outstanding contributions. Dr. Eric Tao, between 2018 and 2022, served as the President of the University of East-West Medicine ( in Silicon Valley, California.  He re-established the university vision and core values, built consensus among the faculty, the board, the leadership team, and the students, and implemented clear standard operating procedures with regular reviews.  UEWM impressed the accreditation agency with clear evidence of improvement and was awarded 7-year, the longest period possible, renewed accreditation.  The review team cited the number one reason for the success is “the effective leadership by President Eric Tao.”

A Fun Loving and Proud Dad

Residing in Carmel, Eric enjoys hiking, tennis, cycling, and music. He often bike and run along the beautiful central coasts. Family is central to his life, and alongside his wife, they have nurtured two accomplished children, Catherine Tao and Hank Tao. Both siblings earned valedictorian status when graduating from Carmel High School. Catherine is now pursuing a JD degree at the University of Pennsylvania, following a double major in Economic and Political Science from UC Berkeley. Meanwhile, Hank graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in Economics/Finance and currently excels as a financial analyst at an Investment Bank in Los Angeles.

Brings A Brighter California for All of Us

As a first-generation immigrant, community leader, and respected professor, Eric uniquely appeals to a wide range of voters. His common-sense approach and technology background make him the ideal candidate for California Senate District 17, where his commitment to conservative values will serve the community he proudly represents.

Vote Eric for A Brighter California!

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